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Serendipity baby alpaca jumper

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Pure baby alpaca wool jumper

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Raglan sweater in baby alpaca wool.

Three seashell buttons on shoulder for easy dressing.

All the Alpaca wool styles are made from the finest 100 % baby-Alpaca wool fibres which provides our children with the maximum softness possible.

Alpaca wool is very strong and resilient and at the same time soft and light. It is an extremely effective insulator during winter and breathes effectively to keep you cool in warmer months. Also, Alpaca wool is very allergy friendly and therefore an attractive alternative to sensitive skin because it bears no lanolin.

It is presently not possible for Serendipity Organics to have their Alpaca production certified as organic. The Alpaca lives without fencing - this alone makes certification impossible, but Serendipity Organics of course strives to maintain the same high standards when producing Alpaca wool products as they do under GOTS certification.

100% pure baby alpaca wool

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