Painting, drawing, going to the museum, reading art books...

Art is a beautiful way to discover the world with friends or learning in a pleasant way... life is more beautiful with art. From the first drawing to art lessons, children love being with a pencil or a paintbrush in the hand,

This summer, RISU.RISU makes you dream and discovering a new world. Soft colours such as petal pink, eyelet blue, brick red and lake print evoke the nature beauty.

Ruffles, gingham, flowers in our exclu- sive prints, and even roses can be found on models designed to be elegant but always comfor- table... to remain elegant in every occasion!!

Depuis 2018, RISU.RISU propose des collections haut de gamme pour les enfants en coton bio avec des teintures écologiques. Toute la confection est réalisée en Espagne

Les incontournables pour bébés et enfants 3-14ans

Coton et finitions 100% bio pour protéger la peau des enfants et la planète

enfants 3-14 ans

bébés 1-36 mois

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