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The essentials for babies and children 3-12 years old

Cotton and 100% organic finishes to protect children's skin and the planet

Children 3-12 years old

Organic babies

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"I have always dreamed of dressing my beautiful, organic children and so I created RISU.RISU to dress them with clothes not only made of organic cotton but also with ecological dyes. The great classics are beautifully revisited with poetry, always with ultra-soft top-of-the-range materials. Everything is made in Spain, less than 1000km from Paris. This dream has become my profession!
Welcome to the world of RISU.RISU"

Camille, the founder

Camille - la fondatrice de RISU RISU

eco-responsible collection 100% organic cotton

RISU RISU's commitments

For ecological and sustainable clothes

Most fabrics are made in Europe and confectioned in Spain in small family workshops. We buy undyed fabrics to dye them in our beautiful colors, this stage being then realized in France. The design is done in Paris under the French brand name RISU.RISU

100% of the cotton used to make RISU.RISU clothes is made of certified organic cotton, i.e. the cotton flower is organic. Spinning and knitting are also performed according to strict rules laid down and controlled by the GOTS. No GMOs, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers are used.

Spinning and knitting are also performed according to strict regulations laid down and controlled by the GOTS &; the dyeing process is also respected by these rules (choice of dyes and method to fix them on fabric, treatment of waste water ...). This dyeing step is also finalized in France.

A small tour of the workshop

You can find our workshops in Catalonia, two steps away from the French border and close to the sea, in Santa Cristina d'Aro and Girona, to be exact.

Roberto, Emilia, Carola ... cut and make enchanting Risu.Risu collections with a love for children, with unequaled expertise, in the grand tradition of Spanish childrenswear fashion


Gift wrapping available when ordering

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Chez vous c’est Halloween un peu ou pas du tout?
Merci @lilly_and_thefrenchie pour cette jolie idée de décoration de saison et sa magnifique mise en scène du pyjama Colombine.
Partagez vos idées !
Nice Halloween idea! Children start to be very excited, mine look for cooking and decorations ideas, they think they will get many sweets 🍭. 
#regram #halloweenspirit #pyjamacolombine #bestchildrennightwear #automnedecoration #vacancestoussaint #risurisuparis #berisurisu De la douceur pour commencer la journée! Nouveau modèle cet hiver, le cache cœur Bufferfly avec son noeud en gaze Blossom, sa patte réglable pour fermer le pan intérieur, et toujours notre formidable molleton naturel français… faites défiler l’image!
New style this winter: the baby wrap over cardigan with its lovely details as its blossom gauze ribbon, its real mother of pearl button and made of our outstanding French naturel fleece. A must have to discover and to choose in Praline pink or papyrus.
Collection hiver 2021/22: le jardin secret.
#cotonbio #algodónorgánico #organiccotton #ideecadeaunaissance #birthgiftideas #regalodenacimiento #risurisuparis Un beau matin de janvier, un beau château, la complicité de 2 cousines dans la vraie vie qui prennent très à cœur leur mission pour vous montrer leurs 2 chemises de nuit préférées!
Côté pile: la Mona papyrus, côté face, la Harmonie blossom.
2 versions  très naturelle: l’une étant en jersey non teint, l’autre imprimé selon les règles écologiques du GOTS sûr de la double gaze naturelle.
Merci à elles deux💕
Thank you to theses 2, cousines in the real life to show you their preferred nightdress.
Both very natural: left side Mana made of undied organic jersey, right side: Harmonie with our Blossom prints on natural double gauze.
Nice January sunny evening last year, beautiful castle in Normandy, thank you to both of them.
Autumn winter collection: the secret garden 
#nightwear #girlnightwear #organicchildrensclothes #gammenuit #beauetbio #chemisesdenuitbio #cotontoutdoux #berisurisu Connaissez-vous nos Intemporels bébés, à porter dès la naissance, pensés pour le confort des tout-petits au quotidien et à transmettre sans limite à un autre enfant ensuite. Toujours déclinés dans notre jolis coloris teints écologiquement de la saison 
Do you know our baby must have? Thought to be worn from the very first day, so comfy for a daily use and to pass to another child afterwards. As always, available on our ecologically dyed colors.
👶 bébé Marius 5 mois, porte la tunique Peintre avec le Pistil leggings .
#organicbabyclothing #organicbabywear #bỉthdaygift #cadeaunaissance #bébébio #teintureecologique #berisurisu

Why choose Risu-Risu clothing

Risu-Risu is a French and eco-responsible brand. We are specialists in organic cotton clothing for babies and children. Our clothes are certified by the GOTS label (see above).

You can count on the quality of our fabrics: pants, pajamas and other children's jackets in organic cotton… are extremely resistant to wear and tear and machine washable.

The Risu-Risu collection is so cute: underwear and bodysuits, little shirts, dresses and jumpsuits for babies, and organic cotton face masks are irresistible!

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