Collection of children's clothes in organic cotton: Our favorites


Soft organic cotton

The selection of Camille's favorites, the creator and founder of RISU.RISU, is here!
Like all the clothes on the site, the cotton is 100% organic, down to its eco-responsible dyeing.
The designer's favorites, among the baby clothes or the children's clothes, are adapted according to the seasons: this highlighting can facilitate your choice and will always be the object of well appreciated birth, birthday or Christmas gifts.




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"I love all the products from my collections because I design them one by one with a lot of enthusiasm and love.
But then, of course, there are my favorites, depending on what my daughters will choose for themselves (in fact, sometimes they have their say from the first prototypes, or even before, when they express their wish to see such or such garment in a collection) and depending on the seasons.

This selection of pretty organic cotton clothes for babies and children can help you to make your choices because sometimes, we hesitate... and can give ideas for gifts for births, birthdays or other nice occasions.
What a pleasure to dress our children and babies in ultra-soft organic cotton, right down to the dyeing or the print made according to the standards of the label. As the production is entrusted to two small family workshops near Barcelona, the act of buying a RISU.RISU garment is a real ethical commitment that contributes to a general change.

Enjoy your shopping and thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

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