The founder of Risu Risu

Camille and her daughters

Camille rhymes with Camomile: very fitting because the designer loves nature, in any season, and flowers of course! What are her favorites? Peonies or dahlias, or sweet peas, and nonetheless finally a preference for nasturtiums.

Camille liked to sew clothes for her daughters and knit for her dolls before switching to toddler clothing. She is keen on children’s fashion much to the chagrin of her husband. Convinced by an organic life style for a long time, she instills the principles of an ecological lifestyle to her family of six, who since are fed grain and soybean steaks.

After a debut in management, Camille distributed organic cosmetic products in Italy and Spain, then opened an organic mom shop for toddlers 10 years ago in Saint Germain des Prés, before finally reconciling her passion for children's fashion and ecology, launching in 2014 Risu.Risu to create the most beautiful organic clothing possible.

... and her iconic jersey

It’s not easy to find organic fabrics that meet our quality criteria! So we embarked on the development of our own jersey that it is as soft as possible on a child’s skin.

Jersey is a material specially adapted for children because it is very comfortable. Two years of hard work, and we got our exclusive, double-sided and quilted jersey with the squirrel motif, the RISU • RISU mascot. Give us your feedback!

A guarantee of seriousness for us and our customers, this jersey is certified organic by the association, including the cotton and also the dyeing. It's exclusive: you will not find it anywhere else!

The risurisu jersey

... made in europe

The workshop in Catalonia

To have it manufactured nearby is a logical commitment for Risu.Risu in line with the brand's values to reduce pollution caused by transport.

All stages of production respect this approach. We favor fabrics made in Europe.

Dyeing is carried out in France or in Europe and the confection entrusted to small family workshops in Spain.

Look for the skills instead of saving money: We believe in it and it's so much better for the impact on the planet!

... towards zero waste

Our handcrafted fashion allows us to make the most of each cut of fabric and the small pieces such as the undergarments are cut on what's left of the dresses or blouses.

We offer our customers the opportunity to receive samples from the small fabric scrap pieces. We encourage our customers who embark on renting clothes with circular economy being the future!

Long live fabric scrap pieces !

The mascot

The squirrel is a wild animal from our regions. It’s agile, with a very soft tail and it knows how to perfectly manage the riches of nature. In Japanese, squirrel is “risu”, pronounced
"risou", even softer!

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