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Essentials... from the first day of life! The organic cotton body-suit accompanies baby from birth to potty training. They are very practical to put on and close. With or without a collar, choose an organic cotton bodysuit, undyed or eco-responsibly dyed. It's so much better for the newborn's skin.
So soft and pleasant to wear next to the baby's skin, it's a cocoon of softness guaranteed for your child.




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The organic cotton baby bodysuit is one of the first items of clothing that a mother-to-be buys for her child, as it is the first cloth that the newborn will wear.
Obviously, particular care must be taken in this choice: it must be comfortable and respect the baby's fragile skin. Nothing is better than undyed organic cotton, or else dyed according to the strict ecological criteria of the internationally recognised standard.
The bodysuit is useful until potty training, a little before kindergarten, which means that it accompanies the child's first years.
With or without a collar, the bodysuit can be worn alone or under other clothes (pyjamas, shirt, jumper). In summer, they can even be the only garment worn by the baby, like a little jumpsuit. We advise you to offer a set of several bodysuits to a mother-to-be, it will be a useful birth gift appreciated, because an ultra soft organic cotton underwear is always an excellent idea!
Sometimes mixed, sometimes crisp with a ruffled collar, the bodysuit is finally not a simple basic that you want to hide.
RISU.RISU declines it every season in the refined colours of its exclusive jersey, without forgetting the non-dyed colour, called Papyrus.

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