Body bébé Maia


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Undied organic cotton baby body GOTS certfied, sizes 1-24 months

RISU.RISU's range of baby bodystyles is now available in the RISU.RISU permanent range!

The Maia bodysuit is made of ultra-soft undyed cotton, which is best for babies' fragile skin and minimises the possible risk of allergies.

Essential from birth, it can be given as a gift to future mums to slip into the maternity suitcase: this is an original and useful gift idea.

To be chosen in ecru or roots for the happiest babies.

Exclusive organic cotton jersey decorated with a quilting with the risu squirrel.

This exclusive risu risu jersey has been produced in Portugal and is GOTS certified.

100% organic cotton GOTS certified

Made in Spain

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