Accessories for kids

100% organic cotton

The Dorothée bags are the perfect complement to the little RISU.RISU. Pretty details, hats, bows, handkerchiefs and other accessories in certified organic cotton to protect children's skins are finally indispensable... without forgetting the barrettes and chouchou for a stylish looks down to the smallest details.




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Children's accessories are an essential part of a nice wardrobe and always make them happy! From hair clips to bags and hats, all these everyday items are also great gift ideas all year round.
Tissues are so soft and practical. They even help educate our children about ecology and are used with pleasure by mums too.
We are very proud of our barrettes and scrunchies, which have been designed with zero waste in mind: they allow us to take advantage of the smallest scrap of fabric once production is complete, and are made by hand with love.
Fabric bags are not to be neglected! Designed to be a real fashion object, these bags have a very neat finish and are also very practical for taking your little things everywhere. They are a great success in our online shop and are, of course, made entirely from organic cotton.

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