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Organic birth gifts ideas 

Pretty baby boys birth gifts, it's over here!

We love the baby boys in romper or deliciously retro jumpsuit... or in pants and shirts to be trendy!
All fabrics are made of organic cotton. They are selected to be the softest possible and dyed according to the standard to protect the fragile skin of little boys.




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Risu-Risu, a French brand committed to a more eco-responsible fashion, offers clothes for little boys, from 1 month to 24 months.
The choice of materials is naturally directed towards organic cotton to be as close as possible to the skin of children. The fabrics are soft and pleasant to wear. They are easily combined with the rest of the collection, as Risu-Risu offers a complete range of clothing for children and babies.
Don't hesitate to choose one of the pants or jackets specially created by Risu-Risu, as the delicate colors blend very well together.

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