life is joyful and full of suprises: just danse everywhere at any anytime, any age...

Everybody can danse From the first tries of the baby, even before walking, to ballet classes or the nice moments shared with friends

This winter, RISU.RISU makes you dance, sing, walk, swim, listen...in rhythm...or almost. Soft colours of RISU.RISU exclusive jersey such as candy, frozen blue grey, mapple red evoke nature.

Ruffles, lace or velvet ribbons, flowers in our exclusive prints, and even blueberries can be found on models designed to be elegant and comfortable at the same time...

Let's dance again and again!

Since 2018, RISU.RISU offers high-end collections for children in organic cotton with ecological dyeing. All the confection is made in Spain

The essentials for babies and children 3-14 years old

Cotton and 100% organic finishes to protect children's skin and the planet

Children 3-14 years old

Organic babies clothes (1-36 months old)

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